Lynne Gleason


Lynne Murray Gleason was born in New Orleans and has been a professional artist all her adult life. She has lived all over the world and exhibited in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Holland, Mexico, The Middle East and all over the United States.

She began creating art at a very young age in the studio of her mother Rai Murray who was a professional sculptor.

Lynne studied art at Newcomb College and other universities, at the La Jolla Art Institute and with well know painters Robert Brackman and Dan Greene. She received her BFA from Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Lynne has worked with oils, acrylics, watercolor, encaustic, wood, bones, metal, clay, mixed media and bronze.

In her long career she has explored many styles from abstract to explicit realism and many subjects from people to landscapes, horses and beyond.


Galeria Gleason Ray, San Miguel, Mexico 2014/2015
Bait Barranda Museum, Muscat, Oman 2010
Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, GA 2006
Generator Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 2005
The Queen’s Horses, Onslow Gallery, London, England 2001
Tryon & Swann, London, England 1997
Royal Household Calvary – London, England, 1996
The Barbican Centre, London England, 1993
Heath Gallery, Atlanta, GA 1989
Alvin Gallery, Hong Kong 1984, 1985, 1986
Atchinson Gallery, Birmingham, AL 1986
Virdian Gallery, New York, NY 1984
Moosart Gallery, Miami, FL 1984
Chastain Gallery, Atlanta, GA 1983
Bienville Gallery, New Orleans, LA 1970, 1983
Minneapolis Institue of Arts, Minneapolis, MN 1982


Galeria Gleason Ray – San Miguel, Mexico 2014/2015
Santiago Corral Arte – Valle de Bravo, Mexico 2012/2013
Generator Gallery, San Miguel, Mexico 2005/2006
Kensington Palace- Cavalry Exhibition, London, England 1999 
Royal Horse Artillery Exhibition, London , England 1998 
London to Atlanta”, International Exhibition, Atlanta, GA 1991
North Arts Center, Atlanta, GA 1990
Heath Gallery, Atlanta, GA 1987
Carlisle Gallery, Singapore 1986
Alexander Gallery, Atlanta, GA 1985
Leslie Levy Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ 1984
Davidson College, Davidson, NC 1984
Arsenal Gallery, New York, NY 1983
“Sources II”, Viridian Gallery, New York, NY 1983
Gallery of Contemporary Art, Winston- Salem, NC 1978
Raw Gallery, Hartford, CT 1977
Atlanta Art Workers Coalition Show, Atlanta, GA 1976
Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, AL 1973


HRH Queen Elizabeth, London, United Kingdom
Sultanate of Oman, Muscat Oman
Museum Nederlandse Cavalerie, Anmersfoort
Intergen, Boston, MA
Duke of Marlborough, United Kingdom
Col. Toby Brown, United Kingdom
Royal Household Cavalry, United Kingdom
De Kalb County, Atlanta, GA
American Telephone and Telegraph, Atlanta, GA
Hong Kong Country Club, Hong Kong
Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong
Honeywell, Minneapolis, MN
King and Spalding, Atlanta, GA
Morris, Manning & Martin, Atlanta, GA
John Phelps & Associates, Atlanta, GA
Piedmont Center, Atlanta, GA
Stack & Rogers, Atlanta, GA
Powell Goldstein, Atlanta, GA
Poydras Center, New Orleans, LA
Lemle Kelleher, New Orleans, LA

Robinson Humphrey, Atlanta, GA
Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong
Troutman Sanders, Atlanta, GA
William Howell & Associates, AIA, Atlanta, GA
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