While residing in Knightsbridge, Lynne could overlook The Household Cavalry and after months of intense research and study, she produced a series of paintings which have been exhibited at the Officers Mess of the Household Cavalry, a one person exhibition at the Tyron & Swann Gallery, Cork Street, London, at Kensington Palace and at the Barbican Centre.

These photographs as well as the artwork in this book are records of many years work with these divisions, where she had been granted unprecedented access to photograph and paint as she selected.

All The Queen's Horses - The Art of Lynne Gleason

The accompanying text is provided by the eminent Cavalry Historian The Marquess of Anglesey (the official biographer of the British Cavalry). With a Foreward by HRH The Princess Royal.

This limited edition beautifully presented book will be treasured by all who love horses, art or who appreciate a very special record of some of the finest traditions still extant today.

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This edition is limited to nine hundred and fifty copies of which the first three hundred and fifty are signed by the artist.

All the photos in this book, except for the one where she is presented with the Queen, were shot by Lynne Gleason.

Published in England by Alexander and Associates, 1997