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The Guardian

Aspy on the hoof in London…

“An American painter has won the hearts of the Household Cavalry.
Sam Westmacott reports

SPYING through the curtains is usually associated with little old ladies over-interested in their neighbours.  This time, however, the neighbour is the Household Cavairy and the spy is an American artist Lt-Col Toby Browne, Commanding Officer of the Household Cavalry, had no idea that Lynne Murray Gleason was secretly observing and painting his regiment from her balcony window overlooking Hyde Park.”

Exhibitions from tradition to timelessness…

“The very end of July saw a most interesting exibition of the recent paintings of Henry Wo Yue-Kee at the City Hall High Block Exhibition Gallery.
Born in Kwangtun, China, Mr. Wo studied in art schools both in the Mainland and Hong Kong and his paintings have been exhibited in North America, Australia and throughout the Orient. His work is included in many important galeries and private collections including the Art Museum of Hawaii and the Chung Shan Building of Young Ming Shan in Taiwan.

Wo’s work contains a subtle fusion of influences drawn from both the oriental and occidental words. With the strong heritage of Chinese brushwork in his watercolours, “Mrs. Wo combines the principles of traditional art with his own personal poetry. His free, translucent washes are punctuated with delicate linear accents, birds, flowers and fishes.

B International Magazine

Z Magazine

All the Queen’s Horses

“Born in New Orleans, in the American ‘deep south’ Lynne Gleason’s
earliest memories are of growing up in the artist’s studio of her highly
respected sculptress mother, Rai Graner Murray. “I spent a lot of time in my mother’s studio, working with paints and clay, and anything else I
could get my hands on.

There was never any doubt as to what I was going to do with my life.” It is, therefore, a quite remarkable story that Lynne’s professional involvement with horses in the artistic sense has been a very recent phenomenon, which resulted in her publishing debut at the end of last year with a book entitled “All the Queen’s Horses”. As a child, Lynne admits: “The only thing I drew then was horses. I drew them obsessively.”

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