Give it its own space​

It is important that you are very clear about where you will place your art piece, as, unfortunately, it can’t go just anywhere. Once you have done a total check of your entire home, you will be able to decide easily. Usually they are placed in the living room, dining room or foyer; however, it is not bad to choose your bedroom, a hallway or the bathroom.

Be careful with the environment

Works of art need to be in a suitable space, so if you want to have it, provide it with a good environment. Keep it away or close to light, heat or cold and, of course, what is around it counts a lot too. It is best to keep it near neutral, natural and dim light.

Less is more

If you are going to acquire a piece of art and give it a space in your home, try to give it the prominence it deserves. It depends a lot on the artwork, but it is advisable that it does not contaminate your space too much and that the decoration is balanced.