“Her appreciation and respect for the many cultures she has experienced throughout her journeys is most evident in her work. Her imaginative use of vibrating color helps to activate and emphasize the energy and movement of daily life not always evident to the casual observer. She assists the observer in appreciating the exquisite beauty present even in the most mundane objects.”

San Miguel de Allende Cosmopolita



Lynne Gleason is a truly multifaceted artist. One of her many talents includes her facility for creating in three dimensions. Her proclivity for sculptural forms is not accidental, as her mother was an American sculptor Rai Graner Murray.  

Originally named Rosa – she changed her name to Rai in order to be accepted by the then male dominated art world.

Lynne grew up in her mother’s studio surrounded by art and art materials. She never had any doubt as of what she was going to do with her life.

"... She has captured the beauty and magnificence of the horse in form and motion, light and shadow. And in doing so, she has somehow magically revealed the horse's connection to all ..."